Trackit Advantages

Trackit is transit-specific SaaS software that enables your agency to work together. 

Advantages of the Cloud

Trackit isn’t hosted on a server with your IT department, it’s managed in the cloud, leaving you to focus on your agency’s priorities, not managing a server.

Trackit’s hosted solution brings your agency’s data and information together in one simple system. See the whole picture in our easy to use, paperless system without additional IT costs.

Trackit is NOT an IT Project

Because Trackit is a hosted, cloud-based solution, Trackit is not a complex IT project. It doesn’t rely on support from your IT team to implement, it doesn’t rely on ongoing support from your IT team to keep it up to date, and it doesn’t require IT when you need new features or want to extend your capability.

In short, Trackit makes transit software a breeze.

  • No need to purchase or maintain expensive servers
  • Enhanced data security
  • Easy accessibility
  • Automatic, redundant back-ups
  • No IT department costs
  • No additional developer or database staff
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Automatic updates
  • Seamless access to your data
  • Access to Trackit from wherever you have access to the internet

Trackit is Configurable

With Trackit you can configure reports to meet your agencies requirements and needs. Every agency is different, reports and processes can be configured to follow your agency’s specification. Easily edit the workflow on an Accident report or add tags you choose to make data searchable and meaningful to your agency. 

With Trackit you have flexibility to configure information to meet your agency’s needs.

Trackit is Paperless

With Trackit your paper-based information is turned it into usable, searchable data that is instantly PTASP Compliant and Audit ready. A paperless system means less filing, less paper, and less time spent on reporting.
Eliminate scanning, copying, filing, and accessing excel files. Instead, enter your data once and use it across your agency, whenever and wherever you need it to make informed decisions.
Trackit enables your agency to go from lengthy paper-based steps, to recording information on a Tablet or online in minutes. We take your forms and make them paperless and searchable to give you the smart data you need. Forms are configurable to your agency’s specification. There is no double entry of data or no duplication of effort saving you time and money.

Transform the way your agency operates