Trackit Modules

Trackit is transit-specific SaaS software that enables your agency to work together. 


Don’t let attendance be a hassle in your workplace! Attendance Module from Trackit makes it effortless to keep track of attendance records, absences, scheduled time off, family leave and no shows with an easy-to-use interface. Get instant alerts when attendance issues arise and see clear reporting on which employees need attention. Make Trackit’s Attendance Module part of your business operations for powerful tracking and configurable flexibility!


Tired of juggling multiple programs, documents and software when managing claims? The Claims Module from Trackit can help you manage all aspects of your claims process in one secure, user-friendly interface! With features like our custom workflow for Workers’ Compensation Claims, built-in calendar to manage tasks and letter templates, robust reports and easy document attachment, Trackit makes claims management a breeze! Get peace of mind with one easy solution to manage your claims process today.


Keep your transit agency compliant with ease! Trackit simplifies the process of tracking and managing compliance with state laws, federal regulations, and SOPs for PTASP. With automated notifications and workflow, you’ll be able to stay on top of driver’s license renewals, medical cards, required training and any other SOP requirements – all in one convenient place. Save time, save money and reduce with Trackit, the simple way to stay compliant!

Customer Service

Make your customer service process more efficient, consistent, and reliable with Trackit. Our software automation allows you to receive, track, and respond to customer feedback quickly and accurately. No more searching for misplaced paperwork or manually entering data – Trackit makes it easy to stay on top of customer feedback and ensure that all notifications are routed to the appropriate department in a timely manner. With Trackit, you can provide a truly outstanding customer experience!

Doc / Date Compliance

Make sure your agency is always PTASP compliant and audit ready with Trackit’s Doc/Date Compliance Module! Our secure document storage and centralized management system will keep your agency compliant without the need for paper or excel files. Set reminders and grant access to those who need it, review renewal dates and check document statuses in one simple view, and never miss a deadline again – with Trackit’s Doc/Date Compliance Module!


Ready to revolutionize learning? With Trackit’s eLearning Module, you can easily create and manage online courses and tests from your existing materials or create new ones. From documents, PowerPoint slides, videos and more, you can easily upload items to our online library. Our eLearning Module keeps track of progress and provides employees with a convenient platform to get trained anytime, anywhere – on a tablet or online. Stop wasting time and money on traditional methods – switch to Trackit’s eLearning Module today!

Transform the way your agency operates

Event Logger

Keep everything on track with Event Logger! It’s the perfect way to help your agency run smoothly and effectively. With custom log forms, dropdown menus, dates, photos, and more, Event Logger allows you to quickly and easily log any issue that arises – from safety to operations, lost and found items to restricted riders – all in one place. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to the future of digital event logging!

Form Compliance

Keep your agency in compliance with Forms Compliance Module! This convenient tool will help you monitor all forms submitted by your team, from licenses to medical cards, and more. Automate the process with advanced reminders and alerts so you never miss an expiration again. Plus, you can easily update due dates and review all forms from one easy-to-use screen. Get reliable form management today with Forms Compliance!

Form Manger

Need an easier way to manage your forms? Forms Manager makes creating, customizing and collecting data from your forms a breeze. Whether you’re converting paper forms to online versions or simply need to capture essential data, Forms Manager has you covered. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to create customized forms with various types of questions and pre-defined selections that help you collect any data your agency needs. Get started now and make managing your forms effortless with Forms Manager!

HR Manager

Take the hassle and paperwork out of managing your transit agency’s HR! With Trackit’s HR Manager, you can easily add, edit, and store employee records with permission-based access and searchable data. Keep track of key employee information from name and ID to division, seniority, job code, start date and training dates quickly and securely. Stop spending time on paperwork and start using Trackit’s HR Manager today!

Safety Suggestions

Trackit’s Employee Safety Suggestion module lets employees easily scan QR Codes to submit safety suggestions and provides the option of doing so anonymously.
Once submitted, your agency is notified of the employee’s suggestion. As the investigation, mitigation and resolution proceed, all are recorded, dated and action tasks can be assigned. Every step is documented and recorded, making your agency PTASP compliant and audit ready!

Vehicle Inspection

Make sure your vehicles are always safe and compliant with Trackit’s Daily Vehicle Inspection Module! With our customizable forms, easy-to-use mobile device capabilities, and complete audit trail of inspections and repairs, you’ll have all the necessary documentation to meet state and federal inspection requirements. Don’t waste time managing tedious paperwork anymore – get started now and take the hassle out of daily vehicle inspections!

Transform the way your agency operates


Handle your scheduling directly in Trackit with the Scheduling Module. Trackit handles all the complex scheduling needs transit agencies face, while integrating scheduling with the other modules.
Trackit can handle inputs like seniority, route efficiency, dead heading, and other transit specific scheduling needs to ensure you have the right schedule for your drivers.


Trackit’s Task Module is a flexible way to assign tasks to members of your agency. Whether you need to keep track of an accident follow up, a bus shelter inspection, or just need to remind someone to bring in the proper form, the Task Module makes management easy.
An automated system reminds users when their task due date is coming up and offers a single view to see all tasks they are responsible for.


Training has been a part of Trackit’s offerings since its inception. Trackit offers a robust Training module that offers class and credit tracking, automated reminders for students in classes, multiple grading options including grades and pass fail, and full documentation of the classes a student has taken, all in a single view.

Write Up

Make employee management easier with Write-up/Disciplinary Module! This all-in-one module helps you easily record disciplinary actions and coaching sessions, customize categories and tags to fit any activity, and store all disciplinary actions in one portal. Plus, it’s
fully integrated with other Trackit Modules, so all recorded actions will automatically become part of the employee’s personnel file. Get the control and peace of mind you need to successfully manage your team today with the Write-up/Disciplinary Module!


Trackit’s Security Incident Management System (SIMS) is designed to help you manage your security processes, activities, and reporting. With our robust SIMS module, you can effortlessly create, track, and manage activity logs, including Officer daily logs, event logs, and visitor logs. Gone are the days of manually managing logs and incidents. From fair enforcement to law enforcement, we can help you gather the data for analysis and reporting. You can gain valuable insights into Security trends. Use our customizable alerts and notifications feature to set up personalized alerts that notify officers in real-time, ensuring swift action and response, all while keeping track of the number and type of alerts. With Trackit you can have a SIMS module that puts you in control.