Trackit Applications

Learn about how Trackit’s modules can be used by any agency to develop new streamlined processes and enhance operations.

Driving Positive Change

Develop new processes with ease.

To make positive change in an agency, whether the goal is reducing accidents or better handling of employee resources, a new process needs developing. Yet how does an agency effectively monitor the results to make any necessary change or report on encouraging results?

SMS Compliance

Trackit can help you become compliant with SMS. Trackit provides all the tools you need to show that your safety plan meets SMS requirements and makes reporting on those requirements a breeze.

As a transit agency receiving federal funds, it’s not enough to simply be safe; you also need to demonstrate that you have a safety plan in place. You need to be able to report on the concrete ways your organization tracks risk, communicates potential issues, and follows up on incidents. Without a means of easily tracking what’s going on in your agency – from operations, to safety, to training, to your various assets – it is nearly impossible to provide the sort of reporting SMS demands. We give you the tracking and system you need to be compliant.

  • Mobile based forms for completely paperless inspections
  • Full agency management system that ties all your data together
  • Web based employee reporting for hazards and near misses
  • Web based customer reporting for safety issues
  • Fully searchable electronic training records
  • Mobile based accident reporting
  • Accident and incident management system
  • Agency-wide management reporting
  • Safety Matrix for hazard rating
  • Electronic known hazard list


Achieve compliance with the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) Final Rule in less time and with less stress with Trackit. More than 100 transit agencies have already adopted Trackit to develop an agency-wide safety plan with sophisticated record keeping. Trackit is completely PTASP compliant and is the only system you need to fulfill all your SMS recordkeeping and reporting. Trackit stays ahead of compliance, as rules and regulation change, we make certain to give you the ability to adhere to the latest PTASP and SMS requirements within our system.

Trackit’s safety offerings include accident management, mandatory employee safety reporting, training management, form compliance, safety notifications, and drug and alcohol reporting making recording keeping for PTASP Compliance a snap.

  • Achieve PTASP Compliance.
  • Reduce your workload: Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual entry, and hello to paperless data collection and automated workflows.
  • Operate anywhere, anytime: Log into Trackit’s cloud-based software system when and where you need without turning compliance into an IT project.
  • Spend less: Access all of Trackit’s features for a low subscription fee without limits on users, data, forms, locations, or software licenses. There are no hidden costs.
  • Trackit handles PTASP compliance and much more. Try Trackit to see how you can succeed with PTASP.

Building a Safety Culture

An agency that emphasis safety produces measurable results- including fewer accidents, lower liability, and enhanced service image. Creating and sustaining a safety culture however involves more than displaying posters or distributing safety bulletins. Establishing safety as a priority frequently requires a complete shift in organizational mindset.

Trackit provides transit agencies with the means to present a comprehensive and unvarying organizational safety message. Trackit is designed around core skills and operator behaviors that are the foundation of safe performance. We allow instructors, supervisors, and management at every level to deliver identical safety messages and reinforce consistent expectations concerning safety to promote a culture of safety.

Organizational Compliance

Trackit empowers the sharing of policies, training, tracking of information and data by having it all in one central, accessible, secure, online system. Our unique, automated system allows your agency to work together, across departments to share, view, add, edit and access records. It is all permissions based, so access is configured the way you need it. Whether it is ensuring training orientation, safety onboarding, policy acknowledgement  or licensing renewals – we track the compliance information your agency needs.

How is your agency ensuring Drug & Alcohol training is complete and refreshed as required? With Trackit the training is logged in the employees’ files and reminders sent in advance. You will never miss a due date and can be FTA compliant.

“Trackit Manager was an incredible game changer for our agency. We now feel confident going into every audit and operate with more efficiency with less paperwork!”

Transform the way your agency operates