What’s in Your Files, Do You Know?

August 6, 2023 

We all spend a lot of time completing forms, processing the paper and then filing it away. In the end most of us would be hard press to say what’s in the files like:

  • How many forms have been completed?
  • Who’s doing them?
  • What’s on the form?
  • What are the trends?

The world has changed! It is now cost effective and simple to track forms, trends, assessments, records, and more. Get what you need for one fair price.

Quit flipping through reams of paper, storing files and worrying about what you might be missing.

Instead use our Trackit Assessment App to complete and submit forms instantly from a tablet. Your forms are transformed into smart, searchable, accessible data. Trackit provides paperless digital tools to systematically collecttrackanalyze, and act on personnel data.